Stone is Green

1. Local

John Cortese Masons, Inc. uses stone from mostly local stone quarries, or harvests the stone locally by hand. These practices not only ensure that our stonework blends naturally with the landscape, but they also allow us to supply beautiful, local stones with lower fuel costs and thus a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Durable

Stone masonry is among the oldest and longest lasting traditional building techniques and is a great choice for the environmentally conscious. The physical properties of a stone make it an appealing choice from an ecological standpoint. While many more modern building materials can reduce up front construction costs, none display the strength and resilience to natural elements as does stone. Over time there is minimal required maintenance for stone masonry, which reduces repair costs. The durable qualities of stone are in large part the reason why many constructions from antiquity continue to survive after thousands of years.

3. Energy Efficient

Stone masonry has great thermal characteristics which provide good insulation to a home or building. The stone gradually releases hot or cool air, and thereby reduces energy consumption. Different types of stone may insulate better depending on its mineral composition.

*Frank Gesualdo and Anthony Cortese have been designated forest stewards by the U.S Department of Agriculture and the NJ Division of Parks & Forester