Our Mission

 John Cortese Masons, Inc. is a contracting company known for pure excellence in the craftsmanship of stone, building on four generations of experience, strong customer relationships and a true commitment to our local communities.  Serving northern New Jersey for over forty years, John Cortese Masons continues to distinguish itself by offering the highest quality in stone work.

 A master in the art of stone masonry for over forty years, John Cortese Masons demonstrates excellence in its work, building on tradition, experience and innovation.  Operating out of Morris County, John Cortese Masons focuses on offering the finest quality in stone masonry, and prides itself on tailoring our stone work to meet our customer’s needs and to deliver a product that always satisfies.


Our Roots

The origins of the business date back to the early 20th Century with the arrival from Italy of the present owners’ grandfather, John Cortese Sr.  He settled in Morristown, NJ where he labored for years as a stone mason, saving his hard earned-money and supporting his wife and children in Southern Italy.  Unable to persuade his wife to move to America, he returned to his homeland where he passed the art of stone masonry on to his son and namesake, John Jr.

In 1965, John Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and left Italy for Morristown, NJ, but bringing along his wife and children, and working hard as a stone mason just as his father had done years before.  In 1974, the tradition continued as John Cortese 3rd, one of the current owners, joined and incorporated the business, and with the help of his brother Salvatore and cousin Frank, they together built up a company that is today revered for unparalleled stone craftsmanship.

John Cortese Masons and its employees have consistently provided a solid portfolio of work, including features in New Jersey Life Magazine, and Garden Design and Architectural Digest.  Though the company retains a high caliber clientele with a long history of work in the area, they have not forgotten their roots and we will continue their commitment to tradition, quality and style for years to come.